What do we do?
MG-Tax is a legal and tax consulting firm that advises on international activities in the larger SME segment.

MG-Tax has vast experience in all aspects of international tax law, such as:

  • incorporating subsidiaries abroad
  • optimally structuring international activities
  • interpreting and applying tax conventions
  • advising on disputes regarding residence relating to both natural persons and legal entities
  • advising on the tax consequences of seconding staff to work abroad (salary split)
  • consulting on issues relating to permanent establishments/permanent representatives.

These services focus more on operating companies and less on the purely tax-driven structures used by the Googles and Starbucks of this world.

Why choose MG-Tax?
MG-Tax is known for its short lines, excellent availability, and its unique combination of personal advice and service with an outstanding price-to-quality ratio.

Network abroad

If you don’t know the answer, you’d better know someone who does.

MG-Tax has a broad network of specialists in a wide range of fields who can assist our clients with any type of issue they encounter. Our network abroad consists of partners from the former international network, as well as expert consultants chosen based on their proven track records and personal experience. The MG-Tax network consists of reliable partners that have worked with our practice for many years.